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Does it fit my Bike ?

YES, it will fit all bikes except drop handle bar bikes. It evens fits those with oversized head tubes now, and is the only bike seat to fit on
full suspension mountain bikes. Send us a picture – if you email us a picture of your bike we will probably be able to tell you by just
looking. Mat@WeeRideUK.co.uk

You say that this fits MOST bicycles... how can I tell if it will fit mine? What if I buy it and it does NOT fit my bicycle?

The seat is also not recommended for bikes with a frame of under 16” but will fit most others

  •  If you purchase a seat and it does not fit a bicycle with the aforementioned specifications, please return it to the point of
    purchase for a full refund. We have tried the child carrier on a wide range of different bicycles. The only bicycles that this
    seat does not fit on are bicycles with racing (curled) handlebars.


Want to know how to fit the unit ?

Please click the link below for a video


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